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Soccer comes from "association football" and the term was used in the UK to distinguish it from rugby football. In countries with other forms of football (USA, Australia) soccer became more generic, basically a synonym for 'football' in the international sense, to distinguish it from their domestic game.

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The Origin of the Word “Soccer”. In the same paper, Szymanski stated that the word rugby emerged from the word ‘rugger’, whereas the word ‘soccercame as a short form for association football. With the passage of time, the word soccer became famous in the US while being different from American football. In the 1980s, the Britishers ...

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What came first football or soccer? To most of the rest of the world, (including England, the birthplace of the modern sport,) it’s football. But what most people don’t know is that the word “soccer” is not in fact an American invention. On the contrary, it was an import from England, and one that was commonly used there until relatively recently.

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What came first football or soccer? - Answers. Football (the English one...) originated over 400 years ago,where villages, sometimes a mile apart, would kick a bladder arounda stretch of...

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Answer (1 of 6): There were two popular sports in England. Both were called football and evolved from ancient games. Association football formed the first group to codify rules and about a decade later the other popular form created a group to codify the rules of rugby football. Since both wer...

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Association Football or Soccer came before American Football but Soccer is not the oldest form of football it is just one of a group of games created in England, Ireland, the USA, Australia and...

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Which Came First: Football (Soccer) or Rugby? Rugby. Otherwise known as rugby football, as mentioned earlier. Of course, various forms of football have likely been played since the medieval times.

The history of football (soccer)

Domestic leagues occurred in many countries. The first was, as already mentioned, the English Football League which was established in 1888. The leagues would by time expand by more divisions, which were based on team performance. In 1908 would football for the first time be included as an official sport in the Olympic Games.