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Updated on Nov 08, 2021 02:49 PM IST  |  167.9K
The Eternals Harry Styles
The Eternals director Chloé Zhao reveals Eros’ role was meant for Harry Styles; Says he is ‘that character’

Harry Styles left fans in a daze with his performance in recently-released The Eternals. Now, the MCU film’s director Chloé Zhao is finally opening up about how she stumbled upon the British singer to be cast as Eros in the film. Speaking to Deadline, the Oscar-winning director said that she would have eliminated the character if Harry had declined the role. “Harry as Eros was very much a package deal for me. I pitched the idea of Pip the Troll [voiced by Patton Oswalt] and Eros to Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios president] a while back, and I love the idea of exploring an Eternal who is beyond Titan and who may have influenced Thanos throughout the years the same way Eternals influenced us, earthlings,” she said.

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volleyball setting drills to do at home,In the film, Harry’s short but sweet appearance as the royal prince of Thanos, brother of Titan aka Eros, was every bit as charming as fans had hoped and imagined. “I’m Eros, this is Pip, and you are as beautiful as legends say, Thena. Pip and I are here to help. Your friends are in big trouble. We know where to find them,” he says to Angelina Jolie (Thena) in the film.

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what is cricket commentary,While chatting with Deadline, Zhao also revealed that she had Styles in mind for the character all along. “And then, it wasn’t like I suggested Eros, and ‘Let’s go find actors.’ I kept tabs on Harry since Dunkirk, I thought he was very interesting. After meeting him I realized he is that character — the same way I cast the rest of my cast. There’s so much of Eros in him. For me, if he says yes, and Kevin says yes, then it’s a go. And I’m very happy they both did,” she said. 

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